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Career Coaching for Professionals
Making career decisions is often tricky.  It is unusual to be faced with decisions on a daily basis that have such wide ranging consequences for the rest of your life, how you feel about what you do and how motivated you are to go into work each day.
When faced with such decisions it can be helpful to clarify:-
  • Where you are in your life, and what has brought you to this point.
  • What is valuable to you, both inside and outside of work.
  • What you want to achieve in the future.


A career coaching session can help to draw the pertinent issues to the surface, allow you to explore them fully and come to a decision having weighed up the alternatives. 


A session can also focus on more practical considerations such as:-

  • Presenting yourself strongly in a CV, clearly articulating your strenghts and experience.
  • Developing your professional network face to face and via social media.
  • Implementing a job search strategy using the most appropriate routes to market.
  • Preparing yourself for interview by rehearsing your skills stories and developing answers to the most common interview questions. 
  • Negotiating terms and conditions.
  • Prearing for your start and first 100 days coaching to settle you into your new role.

Career coaching as a process creates the space and time for you to make your decisions with proper consideration.  It does not guarantee to give you the "right" answer, but the quality of the decision will be better.

Pit Stop: A Career Workbook  for Busy People
If you are just starting to think about your career and where it may go, a book may be a low cost way of getting the ball rolling.
Click on the image to be taken to the Pit Stop page for more information on the workbook and how to get hold of a copy, or go straight to PayPal to buy below, at a 20% discount on the cover price including free UK postage and packing.
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