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Phone, email or text (include your name) in the first instance and we’ll set up a time for an initial 15 minute chat. You don’t have to book a session at the end of our chat, in fact it’s best if you take time to make your decision.


Mobile: 07973 848518


If you go ahead, we’ll arrange a paid initial session, so we can experience what working together is like.

If we decide to continue after this, I suggest planning and budgeting for six further weekly sessions. You are, of course, free to finish at any point. If you do, I request that you give a week’s notice so we can have an ending session.

Career Coaching

If you go ahead, we’ll arrange a time.

There is no compulsory fixed pattern of sessions, but they are most effective when spaced consistently and not too far apart, so that you build momentum.


I am based in The School House, just off the southern end of Tower Bridge Road. It is easily accessible by public transport. The School House, Pages Walk, London, SE1 4HG. Some mapping apps send you to Leroy Street which has no access. Ensure that you are going to Pages Walk. “Stompie Garden”, on Google maps, is very close to the pedestrian gate.

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