All of the people I work with face their own particular challenges and have their own unique set of resources, but I’ve included some examples to give you a flavour of the type of work I do.

Don’t worry if you don’t fit neatly into one of these. Get in touch for a no obligation conversation to help you decide if I’m the right person to work with.

Personal Counselling

  • Students who experience a high degree of anxiety and feel overwhelmed.

  • Older people who want to make sense of their lives up to this point and write a meaningful final chapter.

  • People struggling with depression.

  • Creatives who are trying to balance their anxieties and lifestyle with the conditions to create.

  • Perfectionists who struggle to get started on anything.

  • Members of the LGBT+ community. My work to date hasn’t focused specifically on gender or sexual orientation, but in helping people come to terms with loss, particularly around family and health.

  • People coming to terms with difficult or abusive childhoods.

  • Grown up children facing the imminent death of a parent, and then dealing with the subsequent loss.
  • Career Coaching

  • People coping with the loss of a job and finding a way through to the next role.

  • Mid-career professionals who want to explore either an adjustment to their career trajectory or a major change.

  • People who are unhappy in their role, perhaps because of recurrent issues, and want to explore what is going on in more depth.

  • People who need some practical guidance on CVs, LinkedIn profiles or cover letters.

  • People who feel that they don’t project the best version of themselves at interview, and would like some practice.

  • High achievers who are coming to the end of one phase of their career and want a space to consider what to do next.