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I charge £80 per 50 minute session. Following the initial session, I take a double amount as a deposit against no shows or late cancellations and this pays for the final session i.e.


Initial session £80


2nd session £160


3rd – penultimate session £80


Final session £0


You can pay by card or cash at the end of each session.

Career Coaching


Charges on a sliding scale based on your income:-

<£50K = £100 per hour

£50K – £70K = £110 per hour

>£70K = £120 per hour


Payment by bank transfer in advance of the session. Programs of sessions can be paid via invoice or in blocks if this is more convenient.


Cancellation Policy

Cancellations or postponements notified 48 working hours in advance of the session incur no charge. Less or no notice is charged at full rate, regardless of reason.

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