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Privacy Policy

When you make an enquiry:

I will save any personal data you have given me in my contacts e.g. your name, email address or phone number. I hold this for the purposes of offering you counselling or career coaching. It is held in a secure manner, on password-protected electronic devices.

To protect your privacy, I advise you keep any electronic communications with me to straightforward material and we can speak about more sensitive information over the phone or in person.

If we decide to work together:

In our first meeting I will go over the contract with you, which has full details around record keeping, confidentiality and data protection. If you would like any details about this in advance, please enquire.

If you are emailing me a document e.g. a CV or a biography, I leave it to you as to whether to password protect it and share the password via an alternative communication method e.g. text. In line with common practice in the recruitment sector, I don’t password protect CVs I work on as a matter of course, but you can request this.


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Specifically we use Google Analytics Cookies which you can find out more about here:

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